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The EurasiaHealth TB Knowledge Network (ETKN) is a central clearinghouse of English- and Russian-language TB guidelines and other resources that provide networking and learning opportunities for health professionals in the region. ETKN’s website offers information on regional TB projects, funding opportunities, and conferences, and houses hundreds of documents and resources that have been translated into Russian. The site also features discussion forums that link scientists, community activists, government officials, and other experts working on TB-related projects in the region.

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WHO’s 2008 fourth annual report on “Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Resistance in the World”, reported that all ten of the regions with the highest MDR-TB rates were in Eastern Europe. While pilot projects have demonstrated the efficacy of DOTS-Plus, massive scale-up is needed to mitigate this epidemic, which, according to the report, “threatens to derail 10 years of progress in TB control and HIV management”. However, a new publication from the Stop TB Partnership argues that a great deal of research remains to be done in order to make such a scale-up possible. In the five page article, the Stop TB Partnership Research Sub-Group of the Working Group on MDR-TB lays out a research agenda for five key areas: laboratory support, MDR-TB treatment strategies, programmatically relevant research, epidemiology of MDR-TB, and management of contacts of MDR-TB cases.  The report includes specific research priorities, as well as recommendations for implementation of the agenda.

Find the full report here.

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