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Welcome to the American International Health Alliance’s Primary Healthcare Centers Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to help healthcare institutions strengthen their delivery systems by creating Primary Healthcare Centers following the methods and models we have helped establish with our partners in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.

Your decision to establish a Primary Healthcare Center in your community is a significant one. Not only can the overall health and lives of those in your immediate community improve, but your efforts can usher in changes that reach far beyond the boundaries of your own city or town and help to strengthen your country’s healthcare system as a whole.

This toolkit is divided into five sections, appearing in the order in which they should be addressed. They are:

  1. Assessing Your Needs
  2. Developing the Infrastructure
  3. Developing Clinical Practice Guidelines
  4. Establishing Community Outreach and Education Programs
  5. Measuring and Improving Results

Click here first to read an overview of the toolkit before getting started.

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