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EurasiaHealth Knowledge Network


EurasiaHealth AIDS Knowledge Network. Up-to date Russian-language information on the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS

About EurasiaHealth

EurasiaHealth Knowledge Network (a project of the American International Health Alliance/AIHA) is an on-line clearinghouse featuring a library of multilingual health resources, databases, and interactive forums. This clearinghouse--designed to serve as a repository for clinical practice guidelines, medical textbooks, and other educational materials that are available in the languages of the New Independent States (NIS) and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)--provides users with access to information, tools, and training to enhance the knowledge of healthcare professionals in the region.

A key feature of EurasiaHealth is its network of regularly updated databases that literally puts information at the fingertips of NIS/CEE health professionals in their native language, in even the most remote areas of the region. Users can search the Multilingual Library by language, subject, and type of material (articles, conference proceedings, presentations, clinical practice guidelines, etc.), to find downloadable full-text educational documents and other materials. A medical conferences database provides news about upcoming events in the region or of international interest. The regional health projects database provides in one place a comprehensive record of current, past and planned health projects in the NIS/CEE countries conducted by NGOs and other organizations.  Other databases provide information on grants and funding resources, regional contacts, Internet medical sites, glossary terms, and links to healthcare organizations throughout the region.

While the Knowledge Network addresses all aspects of health and medicine, a particular focus lies in several specialty subject areas--such as community health, emergency medicine, health management, HIV/AIDS, infection control, maternal and child health, medical informatics, nursing, primary healthcare, and women's health--that represent common, critical issues throughout the region.  Through research and collaboration, the EurasiaHealth team is constantly working to develop and catalog new resources in each of these areas.

The EurasiaHealth Web site also features a variety of interactive forums, including discussion forums, a teleconsultation forum, and a set of Internet mailing lists, that allow healthcare professionals to communicate and consult directly with one another.  The teleconsultation forum supplies a template for clinicians to post information about interesting or difficult cases and enables them to request feedback from hundreds of colleagues and specialists at partner institutions and the world over. These consultation requests are then sent out via the EurasiaTeleconsult Internet mailing list.

The foundation of EurasiaHealth is the experiences and resources that have been developed through AIHA’s health care partnership program, which brings together over 350 health care institutions, including hospitals, health systems, medical universities, government bodies and NGOs in the NIS, CEE and the United States.  EurasiaHealth works with an ever-expanding community of organizations to offer new health-related resources in the languages of the NIS/CEE region.

For information on how you or your organization can contribute to the growing base of EurasiaHealth resources, contact us at webmaster@aiha.com.

The EurasiaHealth Knowledge Network is funded by the American International Health Alliance (AIHA) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

EurasiaHealth resources are provided free of charge and are freely distributable. Downloaded EurasiaHealth materials may be posted on another Web site for non-commercial purposes only, if the following conditions are met: the content may not be altered, credit is given to the EurasiaHealth Knowledge Network as the source of the document, and if possible, a link to www.eurasiahealth.org is included in the credit notice. No fees may be assessed for access to EurasiaHealth materials.

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