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Welcome to the American International Health Alliance's Nursing Toolkit. This toolkit has been designed to help healthcare institutions worldwide strengthen their nursing programs by learning from and following the effective models and methods AIHA has established together with our partners in nations of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

How to Use This Toolkit
The modules listed below represent different approaches to capacity-building and developing the skills of nurses. Although each module stands alone, many of the concepts, activities, and tools presented within a given module are relevant and helpful in the context of the others. Therefore we encourage users to become familiar with the entire toolkit, even though it is not necessary to do so to implement the other programs presented here.

Primary Healthcare Nursing Module
Recognizing the importance of primary healthcare, AIHA and its partners designed a curriculum for skills-based primary care nurse training in topics ranging from performing physical assessments to communication skills and health promotion activities. This module will allow you to access these training materials and to build a training program at your institution.

Nursing Associations Module
One way AIHA has worked to raise the status of nurses is through helping its partners establish new professional nursing associations in partner countries. This module outlines steps you can take to build or strengthen a nursing association in your area.

Nursing Leadership Module
In 1999, AIHA established the International Nursing leadership Institute (INLI). This module contains materials you can use to replicate a similar nursing leadership training program.

Nursing Resource Centers Module
Nursing Resource Centers (NRCs) support nurses and encourage ongoing training by providing tools such as computers, textbooks and anatomical models. However, even if you don't currently have access to electronic tools, you can still establish an NRC that will benefit your nursing staff and entire healthcare institution.

To read in more detail about AIHA's nursing program, go to the Overview. Otherwise, you may select a module now.

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